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Re: How many Framemaker Users -- Ballpark

At 11:17 AM -0700 10/07/03, Chuck Hastings wrote:
>But the biggest practical difference for me has been
>that  almost always  FrameMaker just does what I command
>it to do;  whereas MSWord usually does many other things on
>its own to my work-in-process when I'm not looking, and some
>of its gratuitous actions have in fact been destructive and have
>set me back quite a ways.

  That just about sums it up. I couldn't imagine giving up my 
well-behaved FrameMaker for Word's "I know what you want me to do" 
approach. Well, I'll give it up for LyX or Textures if Adobe drops 
the Mac version of FrameMaker.

- web

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