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DONE, not solved WAS: "\t" in autonumber format doesn't displayin FM 7.0p577 and 578 - known bug?

Thanks to all who replied.

Lester Smalley noted a similar occurrence in older releases. He suggested it
may be due to creating the \t format on Mac, and losing it on the PC.
However, the format was created on the same Win2K machine on which it later
became invisible.

David Williams suggested checking the MIF, which I did. The \t is present in
both the Mac's MIF and the PC's MIF.

To repeat for clarity, whether or not the \t is visible in the autonumber
format text box, the format performs correctly on both platforms, and the
tab character it creates is visible with text symbols turned on.

I did not test this on other Windows flavors, native or on Virtual PC. I
will report it as a bug.


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> -----Original Message-----
> I've not seen this before, has anyone?
> In the autonumber format box of the paragraph designer, the definition is
> "n:<n+>.\t" but the "\t" is invisible. In the body page, the paragraph
> behaves correctly, indenting to the defined tab stop. The tab character ">"
> appears correctly in the body page with Text Symbols turned on.
> This occurs in FM 7.0p577 Win2K SP2 on a true PC and also in my Mac under OS
> X 10.2.6 with Virtual PC running FM 7.0p578 Win2K SP2, but does not occur in
> FM 7.0p577 (there's no 578 for Mac.)

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