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RE: Files disappearing in Cross-Reference dialog box?

The only time I've seen this happen is when I'm running multiple sessions of FrameMaker on Unix and the file I'm trying to reference was opened under one of the other sessions (which makes sense).


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Subject: Re: Files disappearing in Cross-Reference dialog box?

From: "Susan McDonald" <susan.mcdonald@teradyne.com>
> I have been having a problem with not being able to select an open
> FrameMaker file in the cross-reference dialog box. Even though the file is
> open, it is not listed in the Document drop-down list.
> Sometimes, quitting FrameMaker and starting it up again has helped, but
> not always.
> Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any suggestions on how to resolve it?

Yes, I have experienced this sometimes. I have no idea what causes it,
but it's usually resolved by simply re-opening the dialog, or open/close
a few files and try again. I've never had to restart FM.

If you can repeat this problem even after a restart, you should
report it to Adobe. But try changing the set of open files first.
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