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RE: XML translated in2 Arabic and the published (WAS: InDesign vs. Quark as backup when Frame can't handle certain languages)

hi all

as a follow-up on the thread about ID and Quark in case of right-to-left
We have a publishing workflow based on FM 7 using XML and Trados /
TagEditor for a bunch of languages including Greek and Russian.
So far so good, but now: Arabic. Right-to-left not supported in FM...
So: should we go (back?) to Word, or can we use InDesign (import XML in
ID? why should we FM anymore then...??) for Arabic ?
Of course, it's not really a problem if the process for Arabic is not a
automated as for the rest of the languages, although it would be nice
(importing a structured FM-template in ID? nah...)

thanks a lot

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