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Re: MIF representation of CiteMaker variables

Lester S. wrote:
> The possibilities are these "vertical bars" are
> either high or low ACSII values, which would display
> as 'unknown' in the font FrameMaker uses for the
> dialog windows.
> If you look at the MIF code, you will probably find
> several hexadecimal characters (one for each vertical
> bar you see), encoded like \x13.

Hi, Lester,

As I mentioned in my last posting, the MIF file does
not contain information that reflects the vertical
bars.  That is, contrary to what I said before, if I
load the file in from MIF, the vertical bars are not
present.  I was going to make sure that the CiteMaker
functionality is not disrupted by the lack of the
vertical bars.  In fact, what happens is that CiteMaker
puts vertical bars back into the variable definitions
when it is asked to generated the list of references
from the in-text citations to a bibliographic database
(that's its purpose, as a plug-in).  I suspect that the
bars are merely there for bookkeeping while the
references are being generated.  They are not needed
beforehand, nor afterward.  I'm sure CiteMaker has to
make multiple passes throught the FM file to resolve
multiple citations to the same reference, so the bars
probably help keep track of the passes, or maybe how
many times a reference has been cited.  Pure guess
work, of course, but good enough to sound plausible.

Thanks for the info about the hex codes, it's handy to


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