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Re: How to get figure counter to reset by itself

Shing-Fat Fred Ma wrote:

> I have a small smattering of experience with the Perl
> language.  I'm thinking of maybe writing a program to
> do the consolidation.  It sounds like it could get
> quite complicated (for my level of experience with
> Perl).  At first glance, I'd have to add a
> chapter-dependent numerical offset to each citation
> number.  I'd also have to check for references that are
> duplicated across chapters.  These duplicates could
> complicate the program, because it means the numerical
> offset can change within the same chapter.

If you had small smattering of experience with Python, you could try
fmPython (available from my site). With Python you can avoid the
MIF-trip and work directly from within FM, process whole book at once
etc. It should be sufficient to solve your problems with citations.

Drawback: one does need to know a little bit how the FM internal
structures are organized (documentation available in the FDK) in
addition to Python programming.


Stefan Petrucha
Publishing Automation
& Technical Documentation

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