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Re: Create Adobe PDF, Frame 6, and Mac OS X

At 11:35 -0400 07.07.2003, Brad Anderson wrote:
>Welcome to OSX!!!  Make sure you have an alias of the "DistillerLib" 
>and "DistillerLib Helper" in your OS9 Preferences folder.  You can 
>find the original files in the Distiller directory.  This should 
>restore the connection between Frame and Distiller.

Hi, Brad -- thanks for the tip. But it didn't resolve the problem: 
after putting the aliases in the System 9 preferences folder, 
rebooting Classic and Frame, the settings still fail to stick for

a.	Generate Acrobat Data

b .	Font Inclusion: None

Also, the Distiller options still come up properly to begin with, but 
become nonfunctional after going to one of the other option pages and 
coming back.



Victor Caston
University of California, Davis

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