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RE: How to get figure counter to reset by itself


if you need to have your entire document in a single file (generally
not considered the best practice unless your doc is relatively short)
you can accomplish this by using a different numbering scheme.

Also, AFAIK you can not change the value of chapnum within a file, if
you managed to do this, I'd like to know how.

If you need all other numbers to cascade off the Chapter number,
don't use the system $chapnum variable in the chapter title tag,
instead use a standard counter with no other building blocks, for
example (substitute your proper tag names as appropriate):

  ChapterTitle:	C:<n+>
  Figure:		C:<n>.<n+>< >< >
  Table:		C:<n>.< ><n+>< >
  Heading1:		C:<n>-< >< ><n+>
  Heading2:		C:<n>-< >< ><n><n+>

etc.  Add space or tab characters as needed to yield the alignment and
spacing between the numbers and entered text.

For more details, take a look at my numbering whitepaper on
INFOCON's website http://www.infocon.com/

Click on the Products link (takes you to our general product page.)

Then select the link for Adobe Products, then FrameMaker 7, then
"Why Choose FrameMaker" and you will find a link to the white paper
and some other goodies.  Or, just get it directly at

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> I've read the help on how to reset counters e.g. in going from
> chapter 2 to 3, the figures are numbered Figure 2.11 followed
> by Figure 3.1.  For example, my paragraph numbering format is
> 	"F:Figure <$chapnum>.<n+>. "
> Contrary to what one might expect, n does not reset to zero
> when chapnum changes.  Instead, figures are successively
> numbered 2.11 followed by 3.12.

Hi, all,

I'm retracting the above posting.  The problem is easily solved by
breaking chapters into files in a book, and designating that paragraph
numbering restart in each file.

Unfortunately, CiteMaker can only compile cited references from a
single file, not a whole book. But that's a different problem.  :(


-- Lester
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