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Create Adobe PDF, Frame 6, and Mac OS X

I've just made the switch to OS X (finally), and I'm getting weird 
behavior in the print dialogue for Create Adobe PDF.

Frame 6.0p357, OS 10.2.6, Acrobat 5.0.5.

When I open up the print dialogue, it shows my distiller options; but 
if I go to any of the other pages, like the Postscript options (to 
set to level 3, binary, and no font inclusion, like Dov said) and to 
the Frame options to generate PDF data, and then return to the 
Acrobat options, the drop down menu with my distiller options is 
blank and no longer responds.

Worse, even though I use Save Settings after each change, if I return 
to print again, they've reverted to default.

(The only reason my distiller options show by default is that I put 
an asterisk at the beginning of their name, so they're first 

Is there a driver or other file I can/should replace? This is 
beginning to get tiresome.

Victor Caston
University of California, Davis

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