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Re: Create Adobe PDF, Frame 6, and Mac OS X

>Put the aliases in the extensions folder as well.  The reason that 
>the options come up initially is because there are read from the 
>Frame file.  I believe that an alias to the DistillerLib has to be 
>in the extensions folder and the DistillerLib Helper alias needs to 
>be in the preferences folder.  I never remember which is which and 
>place an alias to both in both locations.  This should restore the 
>Best Regards,

Hi, Brad --

Nope, problem still persists. I can get Level 3 and Binary to stick 
on the Postscript page, but not 'No' to Font inclusion. And I can't 
get Generate Acrobat Data to stick on the Framemaker page. And the 
drop down menu for the Distiller options goes nonfunctional, too, but 
since my options have an asterisk at the beginning, I feel more 
confident they get selected by default. Thanks, though.

Unless Dov comes to the rescue, looks like we'll have to wait for 
Adobe India to come through.

Victor Caston
University of California, Davis

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