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RE: Track Changes--Solved, Revisited; Translation Management Solution

Hi Sheila & Robert,

> Other options include the use of a translation database 
> program or the consistent use of a translation house 
> which uses such a program. Again, these are not ideal 
> solutions, especially for the content owner.

I'd be curious to know the reasoning behind this conclusion. In my
experience with translation and localization -- working for a localization
service provider, at a translation memory technology company, in an in-house
translation group, and on the client side as a technical writer and
documentation manager -- the choice to use translation memory is the best
option (some would say the *only* valid option), and outsourcing the
translation to a vendor using a TM system not only saves in-house time and
money, but can also improve the quality of the translated deliverables.

>From a FrameMaker users' perspective, most of the major translation memory
tools support FrameMaker to a greater or lesser extent, and any reputable
outsource vendor will be able to handle your FrameMaker files.

All that said, I have been in situations where, due to the process being out
of our control, we were forced to use a system like the one you describe
(albeit performed manually). Compared to using translation memory and
outsourcing the work, it's not ideal, but it's possible to make such a
process work.

Andrew Becraft
Technical Writer
Highwire, Inc.
T: 206-973-4274
E: andrew.becraft@highwire.com

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