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RE: Order of FM6 headings in PDF

Good morning, group.

Here's the latest.

Following suggestions from Penelope and Martha, I went 
through my book, chapter-by-chapter, clearing any individual 
PDF settings.
Then I made sure that the PDF settings for the Book matched 
the PDF settings for the ToC, and that all other chapters 
had nothing to say.

As of 5 minutes ago, I can generate a PDF of the book, 
in which the list of bookmarks is completely flat. 

All the desired headings are there, and no undesired ones, 
and they are in the proper order, but there is no nesting 
at all. 

This behavior still differs from all my other docs, in that all 
the other docs have nesting in the Bookmarks pane.

Does anybody have any further insights?

I'm still cut off from web access, so no archive rummaging.

Mike H. had a suggestion about text frames, but I have 
only one flow and no overlapped or stacked frames, so 
his idea didn't seem applicable, unless I misunderstood.

Anyway, the current result is usable, but it sure ain't 
purty!   :-)  So any suggestions are appreciated.



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