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HTML Transit v. Webworks Publisher

Hedley wrote:
>>  More to the point, would those who purchased HTML Transit for $US500
>>  before the price went up to $US5000 still recommend it?

In a word: Yes
However, I only used an early version of HTML Transit that lacks some of the
features Hedley listed.

What it did, it did VERY well, better than any other tool I have tried (I
have used Webworks, but not the Pro edition).
I make user docs and help systems, mainly for specialized telecom software.

Transit is very elegant in its use of tags, and is extremely flexible and
The version I used had no direct support for CSS, JavaScript, or XML, but
you can specify conditions under which (arbitrary) text is added to the HTML

I did have one interchange with the developers about a bug I found. They
seemed pretty good at what they are doing.
Mind you, they didn't find the bug while we were talking back and forth over
a few days.
I have no idea if the current version fixed the bug, OR if it addresses
more of Hedley's requirements.

I had a tough enough time convincing my client to buy Transit at $US500
Personally, if I could buy it NOW for that, I would, in a flash.
I would go so far as to say HTML Transit is the best application program I
have ever used.
But, it's just too costly now for an independent (A few months ago, I heard
10K, not 5, so perhaps they are climbing down a bit).

Assuming that the product is still as good as what I saw (it's probably got
more features by now), and if you can get the $, go for it.

Christopher Knight, Technical Communicator
E-mail: cknight@attcanada.ca
Phone: (604) 877-0074

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