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Master Page Tools released, Index Tools Pro Updated

(If you're not interested in new or updated FrameMaker plug-ins, please
disregard this message.)

Silicon Prairie Software is pleased to announce the release of Master Page
Tools for FrameMaker 5.5x and 6.0. Master Page Tools provides tools for
automatically applying master pages to documents, based on a set of criteria
you specify. The most common criteria is a paragraph tag that appears on a
page. A report is also available that lists how master pages have been
applied to a document or to all of the documents in a book. Master Page
Tools is available for Windows, Macintosh and SUN Solaris. The plug-in is
shareware, $10, and available from the Silicon Prairie web site:

Also, Index Tools Professional 1.1 has been released.  This update provides
support for using index entries within text insets. It also resolves some
issues that were found by users of release 1.0. The update is free to all
registered Index Tools Professional users. We recommend all current users
download this upgrade.

About Silicon Prairie's other the plug-ins...

Auto-Text 2.2 - Adds a customizable AutoText menu to FrameMaker. You can
insert frequently-used items like text or graphics simply by choosing the
menu item or typing a keyboard shortcut. Auto-Text 2.2 adds the ability to
insert items into existing graphic frames. This is especially useful when
adding callouts to illustrations. Available for $10 US.

Index Tools Professional 1.1 - Provides improved indexing capabilities for
FrameMaker. It allows embedding index entries into the flow of documents,
eliminating the need to work with FrameMaker's Marker window. It provides
tools to format generated indexes, including adding "continuation" lines for
groups of entries that span multiple columns. Index Tools Professional also
includes a tool to make generating a master index for a set of FrameMaker
books quick and easy. Available for $30 US.

Index Tools 1.2 - Provides the same tools to format generated indexes that
are included in Index Tools Professional. Available for $10 US.

Alert Tool 1.0 - Provides the ability to display an alert message when a
FrameMaker document is opened. These alerts can be used to provide reminders
to writers when they edit documents, or to alert writers that specifc
documents shouldn't be updated. Available for $5 US.

Questions or comments about the plug-ins can be e-mailed to

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