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Saving FM 6.0 back to 5.0 [was 'RE: Argh! Indexing in FM 6.0']

Kathi, Beth:

> BTW, did you know that you cannot save a FM 6.0 doc back to 5.5? And, 5.5
> won't open a 6.0 file. Is that normal?

Acutally, you can save FM 6.0 back to any earlier version, including 3.0,
the first to be released on Mac and Win as well as UNIX.  Just save as MIF,
then re-open in the earlier version.  You will see a terrifying number of
error messages, but they all boil down to "I don't understand this
formatting property so I am ignoring it".  You won't lose any content but
you may lose some layout and formatting, for example, multi columns
consisted of separate text frames prior to version 4.0.


Hedley Finger
Technical Communications/Technical communicator and FrameMaker mentor
MYOB Australia <http://www.myob.com.au/>
P.O. box 371   Blackburn VIC 3130   Australia
Tel. +61 3 9894 0945
Mob. +61 412 461 558

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