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RE: Order of FM6 headings in PDF

OK, having received a couple of private responses, 
let me re-word my problem.

Yes, I know to pick and choose the desired paragraph 
types in the PDF Setup screen, before printing or saving 
to PDF.

What SHOULD happen is that when you open the PDF and 
look at the Bookmarks pane, at the left, you should 
see all the chapter and appendix titles, with little 
plus-sign boxes beside them. Clicking a plus-sign 
should expand the view of the particular chapter title 
to show the major section headings. Clicking on the 
plus-sign boxes beside any major heading should reveal 
the minor headings in that section, and so on.
In other words, I should start out looking at the top 
of the tree (nested, collapsed list of Bookmarks), and 
be able to click my way to finer and finer branches of 
the tree, expanding branches as I go.

What DOES happen is that I find myself staring up the 
bottom of the tree, looking at all the tiny, extremity 
branches (level-3 headings) and I have to click to get 
to larger branch headings, and click to get to the major 
limbs and trunk (chapter) headings.

By the way, because two people suggested it (even though 
it wasn't what I was failing to do), I RE-DID my selection 
of headings to be made into bookmarks. I limited my selection 
to just two levels.  When the PDF appeared, it had ALL 
headings as bookmarks, including a couple of levels I had 
deliberately excluded.   This is happening with a freshly-
created book (using my existing chapter doc files), as it 
did with an earlier version of same.

I thought I faintly recalled a similar topic from several 
months ago, but (as I mentioned) I can't access archives 
(nor any external web stuff) just now.

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> Subject: Order of FM6 headings in PDF
> Hi all.
> [Disclaimer:IS/IT is monkeying with firewall stuff 
>  and I can't get to the archives.]
> The Bookmark feature is slightly broken for ONE of 
> my documents. Can someone please remind me what's 
> going on and how to fix?
> All my other docs come through properly.
> The Bookmarks are in proper order, and they are 
> nested with lower-level headings grouped under higher 
> level.
> The problem doc also distills just fine in all other 
> respects, except the Bookmarks in the resulting PDF 
> are wrongly nested. ALL the lowest-level headings and 
> links appear. SOME of the level-2 and level-1 headings 
> are nested behind level-3s, and ALL the Chapter heads 
> are nested behind something.
> I don't recall any setting in FM or Distiller that 
> would account for it.
> The result was the same before and after I used the 
> FM Optimize PDF feature.
> The result was the same before and after I saved out 
> to MIF and back.
> Any help would be appreciated. If this was recently 
> discussed and resolved, please let me know privately, 
> but include the details, if you can, cuz I can't go 
> to the archives just now.
> Thank you.
> /kevin
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