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Re: Conditional Cross-ref?

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001 07:54:55 -0800, kelli.clough@ual.com wrote:

>We have a document that we have formatted with links (cross-refs) for the
>web. We also want to be able to put out a printed version of this
>document. Is there a way to use conditional text (or some other trick) to
>make the links underlined in the web version, but not underlined in the
>print version? I really hate to have to maintain 2 seperate forms of the
>exact same document. I am using Framemaker 5.5 on a Windows machine. Any
>help would be greatly appreciated.

Keep your Frame file as you want it for print use, and just do the
HTML conversion.  No need for conditional text, or template import,
in this particular situation, because link presentation is set at
the browser by the user.  If you do nothing, links will come out
the color the user specified, with or without underlines as the
user chose.  It's best *not* to impose your own ideas on users in
this area; some of them will be real upset with you whatever you
force on them, especially about underlines.

If you really must specify the link color for some reason, always
use the attributes intended for this purpose in the <body> tag or
in the .css (if any).  You will need to specify three color values,
for unvisited links, selected links, and visited links, like this:
  <body link="#0000FF" alink="#FF0000" vlink="#800080" >
but again the defaults of blue for link and purple for vlink (the
default for alink varies) are best left alone if you don't have a 
*very* compelling reason to use something else.

In CSS (browser-dependent at present) you'd use:
  a:link { color: blue }
  a:active { color: red }
  a:visited { color: #800080 }
In case you are wondering, the "active" state of an alink is only
while the mouse is being clicked on it with the button held down.
The rest of the time, it's either unvisited or visited.

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  (jeremy@omsys.com)  http://www.omsys.com/

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