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BMP notation changes to DIB


we use Framemaker+SGML5.5.6 on Windows NT and Windows 98. I am not very
familar with sgml and am strugling with notations.

When we insert a BMP graphic into our document and save this as sgml,
Framemaker creates a notation and a entity declaration as shown:

<!ENTITY figure-source1 SYSTEM "fig256.bmp" NDATA dib>
<!ENTITY figure-source2 SYSTEM "figure-source21.dib" NDATA dib>

Next time we open the sgml file Framemaker issues a warning:
Notation (DIB) not defined in DTD

How can we prevent this warning from occurring?
The notation for BMP is included in our DTD, the notation for DIB is not.

I have tried changing the notation with the read/write rules. This works,
but then Framemaker writes an entity declaration and creates an entity
everytime the document is saved as sgml, even for those graphics which are
imported by reference (not copied into document).

We would prefer not to include the DIB notation in the DTD, because it seems
to be specific for Framemaker.

I could include the notation in a catalog, but then would need to know what
public/system identifier to use.

Any other suggestions?


Francis Brouns
Open Universiteit Nederland

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