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WebWorks: Getting rid of autonumbering in heading paragraphs

I'm using WWP2000 with the WinHelp template.

The manual I'm converting uses autonumbering for its headings, but 
this is NOT something I need or want to appear in the WinHelp, 
especially in the Contents tab. It looks funky. How do I get rid of it? 
While I'm at it, how do I get rid of the literal "\tab" that is being 
inserted at the beginning and end of many of the contents line?

For example, the contents tab is showing:

Preface \tab
1.1\tab Introduction \tab

When what I'd like it to show is:


I suspect some of this has to do with the $AUTOTAG macro, but I'm 
not sure. This is my first attempt (for real, not for evaluation) at creating 
a WinHelp file; I don't speak RTF (or WebWorks, for that matter) so 
please be very explicit in any instructions.

Thanks to anyone who can help. If anyone wants me to post a 
summary of answers, please let me know.

Linda Sims
Technical Writer

DSET Corporation
1160 US Highway 22
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(v) 908-526-7500, ext. 1278
(f) 908-526-7008
Delivering Global TMN Solutions for a Converging World
Web Site: http://www.dset.com

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