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Last thought on Linux (remember the boss's word processor)

One last thought...

It has been stated several times that the Adobe Boss uses FM as his
personal word processor.

Personally, I could not imagine that -- to me FM is the world's worst
word processor.

HOWEVER.... As I posted a few minutes ago, the supposedly best word
processor on Linux, Star Office, apparently has a ways to go before it
is serious competition.

SO.... Here is an opportunity for FM to step into a MASSIVE VOID: FM
essentially becomes the largest, most robust, and immediately available
word-processor-LIKE program FOR THE ENTIRE LINUX WORLD.

Could it be???


Jay Smith

e-mail: Jay@JaySmith.com

Jay Smith & Associates
P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

Phone: Int+US+336-376-9991
Toll-Free Phone in US & Canada:
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