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The real meaning (to me) of Linux FrameMaker on Intel


I have broken this thought out into a separate email because it deserves
special attention.


There has always been (at least) one huge difference between FrameMaker
on Unix and FM on the PC or the Mac:

   FrameMaker on Unix (and now Linux) allows FM to be 
   used in an AUTOMATED workflow, including as a print
   engine!  On PC/Mac, this is not readily possible.

To use FM on a PC or Mac, one essentially has to sit at that individual
machine and type stuff and click around with a mouse.

However, FM in a Unix/Linux environment would allow FM to be used as one
component in a PROCESS.  For example, database -> output as XML ->
filter to MIF or use FM XML import capabilities -> import into FM and
print.  Maintain styles in FM in a VISUAL mode, instead of mucking
around with LaTeX or XML styles sheets, etc.

With due respect to the FM'ers have have been on Unix for a long time,
it is my guess that most FM users are on "PC" machines running Intel
processors. Us Intel-based folks have simply not previously had this
level of workflow possibility; it may take these folks a while to fully
comprehend the possibilities -- I know that I am struggling with it


Jay Smith

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