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RE: Search index not available

But what if the customer wants the PDFs on a cd-rom with a ISO 9660 file
system, targeted for both Windows 3.1, Windows NT 4.0, and different UNIXes?
As you know, ISO 9660 allows only 8.3 format filenames, using only the
letters 'A' to 'Z', '0' to '9' and '_'.

Another problem: can I assume that most UNIXes will be able to mount an ISO
9660 cd-rom?  I tried the other day on DEC OSF UNIX 3.2, only to learn that
the 'cdfs' (ISO 9660 to the world) filesystem was not loaded. Easy to
correct for root, a showstopper for an ordinary user.

I know this question may appear be a bit off-Frame, but many Framers and
PDFers operate cross-platform (that's why they chose FrameMaker and

In short, if you feel like this is a problem you have met before, what
filesystem(s) would you prefer for multiplatform cd-roms?

Kind regards

Peter Ring

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> We use Catalog on a PC to generate search indexes for lots of UNIX
> documentation. As part of our release process, we run a script on
> the files generated by Catalog to downcase them, and this
> consistently takes care of any problems using the search indexes
> on UNIX platforms.

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