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Re: FM+SGML and hypertext in PDF

At 11:31 PM 12/20/98 -0700, marie-helene.vezina@UMontreal.CA wrote:
><fnoteref rid=fn01>1</citeref>
><footnote id=fn01>some textual content...</citation>
>How can I make those linked elements to become hypertext in PDF
>without editing manually each link? What I want is to be able, 
>once in PDF, to click on the content of "Fnoteref" (which "rid" 
>attribute is a Reference Id attribute in my EDD) and obtain the 
>display of the corresponding destination, i.e. "Footnote" (which 
>"id" attribute is a Unique Id attribute in my EDD). In my EDD, 
>"Fnoteref" is a container element  and "Footnote" is a footnote
1. In your EDD, you must change the element type for fnoteref from
"Container" to "cross-reference element". For this element, specify an ID
Reference attribute named "rid". You should also specify an initial
cross-reference format named (for example) "FootnoteRef" for fnoteref.

2. When you import the EDD into your import template, it will create a new
cross-reference format named "FootnoteRef".

3. In your import template, you must now define the cross-reference format
named "FootnoteRef".

4. In your read/write rules file, you must include the following rules

        element "fnoteref" {
                is fm cross-reference element "fnoteref";
                fm property cross-reference format value is "FootnoteRef";
                attribute "rid" is fm id-reference attribute "rid";
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