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5.5.6 saving down???

     Hello all. Please forgive me if this question has been addressed 
     before - I've been under serious deadlines (who hasn't?) and haven't 
     read my digests in about three weeks.
     My printer just called me with a problem that actually has to do with 
     another client, but I told her I probably could get her an answer 
     quickly by posting the question to this listserv. She has a client on 
     Frame 5.5.6; she has not yet upgraded. Apparently the client doesn't 
     know how to "save down" (assuming it's possible). Since I also haven't 
     yet upgraded, I can't answer this question. Can anyone tell me how you 
     "save down" to 5.5?
     I appreciate any help you can provide. Also, since I'm on digest, 
     please respond to me directly at michelle_parcell@g1.com
     Thank you!

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