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Bug: sorting tables removes cross ref markers

In FrameMaker 5.5.3/Solaris (xm5.5.3L15a), sorting a table removes cross
reference markers from the cells in the table.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a multiple row table and put some text (e.g., "Abc") in a cell
in one row. Put text in the other rows for the same column.

2. In body paragraph, create a cross reference to the "Abc" paragraph in
the table cell.

3. Turn on View>Text Symbols and see the cross reference marker in from
of "Abc" in the cell.

4. Select the "Abc" cell in the table.

5. Sort the table (Table>Sort) on the column that contains "Abc".

6. Observe that the cross reference marker is gone from in front of

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