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RE: SUMMARY: PDF problems on multiple platforms

The coarse grain effect, which is carried through to hard copy from Frame as
well as in Acrobat, can be modified (on NT4, at least).

Select Start > Settings > Printers > (select printer) > Properties > Device
Settings > Halftone Setup > Halftone Setup... > Halftone Pattern 

Change the default (I think its 8x8 Enhanced) to 2x2 Enhanced, and OK out of

You may need to experiment with this setting for different printers

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> From:	Thomas Michanek [SMTP:tmi@telelogic.se]
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 15, 1998 4:41 AM
> To:	FrameMaker user forum; framers@omsys.com
> Subject:	SUMMARY: PDF problems on multiple platforms
> > PROBLEM 2:
> > When viewing a UNIX-generated PDF on Windows, the grayscales
> > and colors are rendered differently compared to UNIX.
> > The same is true for Windows-generated PDF viewed on UNIX.
> > Some grayscales/colors become "dotty" or "patterned" in a
> > way that doesn't happen on the other platform. This is
> > difficult to explain in words, but very annoying on-screen.
> > Is this difference in the Acrobat Readers a known and
> > unavoidable problem?
> Apparaently, this is a known problem which is unavoidable.
> This is not the same as the problem with "fuzzy" screenshots, but
> a difference in the "raster quality" of gray and colored areas.
> Updating to Acrobat 3.02 doesn't solve this problem.
	John Pitt, Technical Writer
	Wilcom Pty Ltd
	(02) 9578 5176

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