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FrameScript (Find and Apply Character Formatting)


I am looking at an eval copy of FrameScript.  I think that this thing
can do lots of great stuff; they seem to have done a great job putting
it together. However, I may not be experienced enough to understand
what I am supposed to be doing, right out of the box.

1) What do folks who have used the product a bit think of it?

2) Can anybody help with a sample script that they have developed that
includes or addresses the following:

  FIND a range of text, spaces, and punctuation between two known
points (XXX and ZZZ):

       XXXtext, and more text, until it endsZZZ

  APPLY a character tag to the stuff between XXX and ZZZ.

This is probably really simple stuff, but because of my lack of
experience, I am having trouble recognizing how I should be
approaching the problem, from their scripting point of view.

(BTW, and listen up Adobe, the task above apparently cannot be done at
all directly in FM itself if you do not know the exact content between
XXX and ZZZ because FM has no wildcard ability to span spaces and/or

Jay Smith

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