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Re: How to remove all occurences of a specific type of paragraph?

If I am understanding things correctly, Paul may be using FM 553
which, on Win95 anyway, has a known bug.  Adobe supposedly fixed this
in 556.  

Until you get 556 installed, if that is your problem, the solutions
include changing a limited number of occurences and CLOSING your
document.  Then changing some more and closing, etc.  

When *I* hit this bug, I was replacing an approximate 8-letter string
with null text.  I could make 21 such changes before it crashed.

The *helpful* Adobe person (who read my post on this group!) indicated
that this bug had to do with Find/Replace changes that were causing
reformatting of the document.

Jay Smith

Banttari, Ananda wrote:
> Paul asks:
> > Do any of you know how to remove all occurences of a paragraph
> > with a certain tag?
> > I tried using the "Find / Change ... " dialog box, finding all
> > occurrences of the "writer comment" paragraph tag and replacing
> > it with a null text string, but this causes Frame to crash!!
> Instead of a null string, try a string like "kill" or "null"
> on the first pass. Then replace all the comment tags with body
> tags. Then do a second pass, searching for the "kill"
> paragraph preceded by a paragraph marker. Finally, replace
> that with a single paragraph marker.  In the diagram below,
> P is the paragraph ending symbol...
> Step 1:
> ...and this is text. P          search for the comment tag
> *this is a comment* P
> This is text....
> Step 2:
> ...and this is text. P          replace the paragraph text
> *Kill* P
> This is text....
> Step 3:
> ...and this is text. P          change the comment tag to
> Kill P                          the body tag
> This is text....
> Step 4:
> ...and this is text. P          search for "P Kill P" and
> This is text....                replace with "P"
> You may need to use the clipboard/by pasting options in the
> search/replace dialog; to change the tags you can use the
> Global Update Options in the Paragraph Designer.
> HTH,
> Ananda Banttari
> ananda@sdsi.com

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