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Re: What the Distiller warning really means

Paul Schulte wrote:

>What does this warning message actually mean?
>% [ Warning: The following Named Destinations were defined more than once ]

When the Generate Acrobat Data is activated, FrameMaker writes "tons" 
of destinations: for each paragraph, for each page, for various markers, 
and also for your newlink hypertext markers (see my web page at 
http://www.microtype.com for a technical discussion of named destinations 
and PDF bloating).

Occassionally, as a result of a bug, FrameMaker writes the same destination 
for the same object more than once. In this case, this has no practical
meaning. Only yesterday I inspected a FrameMaker file sent by a client,
where the same single hypertext marker was written to the PostScript file 
no less than *five* times. Strangely, after cutting this marker and pasting
it in the same area it was written to the PostScript file only once.

There might be other less likely reasons - such as identical newlink commands
you have in the same document. 

Multiple cross-references to the same source paragraph do not result in
"named destinations defined more than once".

> Dan's advice was to ignore it, which I routinely do as I do not have the
> time or the chartered responsibility to make sure every link and bookmark
> actually works. (When just pdf image only scans are acceptable for most 
> archival needs, it's hard to justify the investigation time.)

I recommend using the LinkChecker plug-in (Exchange), part of Ari's Toolbox
by Dionis (http://www.dionis.com) - which can automatically validate all 
links and bookmarks (including cross-file links).

Shlomo Perets

FrameMaker-to-Acrobat: TimeSavers / Advanced Techniques Course / Solutions

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