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Re: Embedded TOC

At 12:35 PM 12/9/98 -0600, Gover, Gisele wrote:
>Hello, Framers!
>Any way to get an embedded TOC to update with generate/update? I can't
>have it as a separate doc.
Here's the simplest way to do it:
1. In the book file, create a separate TOC file.
2. Generate the TOC from the book file, then format the TOC the way you want
it to appear in the embedded TOC, and regenerate it.
3. At the location where you want to embed the TOC in a document file,
Import by reference the entire text flow from the TOC file as a text inset.
4. Now, each time you update the TOC from the book file, the text inset will
be updated to reflect the latest version of the TOC file.
5. When you print the book, exclude the TOC file. 
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