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What the Distiller warning really means

Good day, all,

Dan Emory has given the only answer I've ever run into on the various
Framers and pdf lists. It is possible I've missed it, so here goes.

What does this warning message actually mean?

% [ Warning: The following Named Destinations were defined more than once ]

Dan's advice was to ignore it, which I routinely do as I do not have the
time or the chartered responsibility to make sure every link and bookmark
actually works. (When just pdf image only scans are acceptable for most
archival needs, it's hard to justify the investigation time.)

I've never seen any answer that explains what might be going on between
FrameMaker and the Acrobat Distiller here. Any additional light that can be
shed on this subject would be appreciated.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Paul K. Schulte
Medtronic, Inc.

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