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RE: ellipsis

Tom wrote:

Filed under "Small Stuff, Sweat Not."  (or "... Sweat Not".)

Or conversely, "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty

Just to put my oar in, I use prevailing [when in Rome] style unless I'm
working on a book for self- or royalty-publication. Then I use the style I
was taught, which is that all punctuation goes inside the quotes.

Anyone who's had to deal with quotes knows trying to stick to a
hard-and-fast rule is hard sometimes, and I try to be flexible, since I
think it's highly subjective and a matter of taste (and in college, my
Harbrace 7th Edition was a bit vague about the thing).

Presently, I suggest to anyone who contracts with me to follow SI guidelines
for everything, but as a practical matter, I allow no space between numbers
and metric measurements (e.g. 10mm rather than 10 mm) simply because the
measurement may break across lines, and I'm too lazy to glue them together
another way.

Definitely not worth sweating over, although I do believe you Canadians want
to have another run at us Yanks! Bring it on!

Happy holidays, everyone (I'm full of eggnog).

Diane De Rooy

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