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SUMMARY: User base and future support/development of Frame

The response to my questions wasn't overwhelming, but here's the outcome.

**Several Framers suggested I look at the case studies on Adobe's web site:


I had seen these some time ago, but forgotten about them -- thanks!

**A couple of Framers suggested looking in Adobe magazine, Publish, and
other similar trade magazines for other case studies/info. Unfortunately
this requires too much actual research work to undertake on a three-day work
week ;-). But, if anybody knows of specific articles off-hand that are
relevant (and the issue, or approximate time of publication), the info would
be greatly appreciated.

**Framers who either currently work, or have worked in the past, for Oracle,
NCR, Novell, Sun, and Qualcomm all reported that their publications groups
use/rely on Frame.

**Someone from Adobe (not a sales person) suggested I speak to an Adobe
sales representative for specifics, but added some reassuring comments that
Adobe is committed to its FrameMaker and Mac customers.

**On the FreeFramers list, Dina Davidson forwarded a message from the Adobe
Systems V.P. & General Manager (N. America) which was very positive about
the future of Frame. It mentions Adobe's commitment to Frame and its
customers, and that they will be investing resources to enhance and sustain
it (specifically mentioning -- but not supplying any details about --
Version 6.0). For the source, or more info about this, contact Dina at

I will get in touch with a Frame sales rep after the holiday and report any
relevant info then.  

For those in the U.S.: happy turkey day!

Adam Korman

My original message:
>I know I've seen some info on this before, but I can't seem to find it in
>searching the archives. Management is concerned about:
>1. the size of the FrameMaker user base
>2. continued support and development of FrameMaker
>3. the size of the Mac FrameMaker user base
>3. continued support and development of FrameMaker on Mac
>I keep saying that these shouldn't be concerns of theirs (Frame has plenty
>of users, support and development for it aren't going away, one of it's big
>features is cross-platform support, etc.), but I don't have any hard facts
>to back this up. I'd love to have specifics regarding these issues, like:
>-- roughly how many people use Frame
>-- market share info
>-- % of Frame users on Macintosh
>-- names of major companies with large FrameMaker licenses
>-- Adobe's plans for FrameMaker (and/or Frame on Mac)

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