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Weird printing of FM book

Okay, gang - here's a weird one.

I have a book consisting of 14 files. Every file is set up to start on
the next available page and to delete empty pages. 

My TOC ends on a r/h side, so the next chapter should start on a l/h
page, right?

However, when I print the book double-sided, the TOC has a blank page at
the end, and the next chapter starts on a r/h page, even though it is an
odd-numbered page. The following pages are therefore printed
incorrectly, with even numbered pages on r/h side, and odd-numbered
pages on l/h side. This goes on for the next several files, when another
blank page is inserted at the end of the eighth file and the following
file prints correctly again.  I have checked and double-checked my
settings, and cannot figure out what is causing this.

Anyone got any ideas on what I may be overlooking?

BTW, when I generate a PDF from this book file, the pages are all
correct - odd numbers on the r/h side, even numbers on the l/h side.

TIA for any advice -


Chris Welch-Hutchings
Senior Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.

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