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Re: FM+SGML: round-trip graphics (summary to date)

My problem was/is that Frame seems to default to opening referenced
PostScript graphics with a white background. Setting background to none
fixes this, and the background property is preserved when a file is saved
and reopened in frame.

In round-tripping out to and back from SGML the background property is
dropped and there is no documented FM property to allow the read-write
rules to preserve it.

Thanks for the feedback, which had some good ideas but no solutions.

I was chasing a deadline so haven't had time to investigate all potential
solutions yet. Key ideas untested to date:

. massage filter initialisation files to force the property to reset to
what I need. This seems good, but I can't find an EPS import initialisation
file. I can  sort the EPS export filter initialisation and force FM to
write new EPS files with the required property set. This may not solve my
problem (the original files are correct - it's their treatment on import
that is the problem) and at this stage in the game I don't want another
300+ graphics files muddying the project, but I will test it.

. set an attribute and trick FM+SGML into doing the right thing. Needs more

In the meantime, I am saving files out to MIF and searching for <Fill 7>
and replacing it with <Fill 15>, then reloading. This works and will get me
to press.

Thanks for the input.

Mark Barratt
Text Matters                                   
37 Upper Redlands Road,            Information design:
  Reading RG1 5JE, UK              We help explain things using
phone +44 (0)118 986 8313          .language
fax   +44 (0)118 931 3743          .design
email markb@textmatters.com        .systems
web   http://www.textmatters.com   .process

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