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RE: Win95 Symbol Char format

We had the same problem.  We were trying to use a right pointed chevron
as our bullet symbol for our first level of bulleted statements.

Win 95 OS Character mapping shows Alt+0219 for this symbol.  
BUT I literally had to try almost every combination until I hit upon 
Alt+0255 as the correct key combination to use in the Autonumber field 
of the Paragraph Designer in FM.  (...and continuing this logic by
adding 36 
to values for other symbols, does not work.  )
The mapping between FM and Win95 for WingDings does NOT seem to be

Also, even though I have a Font catalog design defined as WingDing and
have applied it to the Alt+0255 symbol in the Autonumber field, it shows
up as an Alt+0255 Times New Roman Character.  

It seems that most other fonts map correctly.  FrameMaker does not
correctly map WingDings.  Outside of the Autonumber field, Alt+0255 also
shows up as the right pointing chevron in normal text document, as well.

The other explanation is that the Win 95 Character map program is not
mapping WingDings correctly, and that Alt+0255 instead of Alt+0219
really should be this character, and that FM actually has it right.  I
have not looked up the WingDings Characters in another reference to see
which has it wrong:  FM or Win95 OS.  

Although, if I remember when we first were looking at symbols and
determining our standards, that MSWierd matches Win95 OS (both by
Gates), so FM is probably the culprit.  


John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
Senior Product Information Analyst
(704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177

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