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Transparent Backgrounds in Pixmaps


I want to use some lozenge-shaped GIF images as navigation `buttons' in the
bottom margin of a page to allow fast access to the ToC, Glossary, and
multiple special Indexes (Subjects, Services, Persons by Given Name,
Persons by Family Name).

Trouble is, the space between the outline of each `button' and its bounding
box shows up white against the coloured page background on my screen and
also on printouts.

Can anyone tell me how to get TRANSPARENT backgrounds to the buttons so
they are not surrounded by a dorky white rectangle?



Hedley Finger
   User documentation and publishing consultant
   Adobe(R) Certified Expert, FrameMaker 5.5

Hand Holding Projects Pty Ltd   ACN 007 418 153
   28 Regent Street   Burwood VIC 3125   Australia
   Tel +61 3 9809 1229   Fax +61 3 9809 1326   Mobile +61 412 461 558
   E-mail <mailto:hfinger@handholding.com.au>

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