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RE: 5.5.6 Release Win 95

SUCCESS!  Thanks to Mike Stockman.
Following his post, I "copied his procedure" and I SHOULD
be receiving the upgrade in "3 - 5 business days".

1.  Initially called Adobe upgrade/patch # (800 685-4586) early October.
     (Las vegas office, according to Mike.)
2.  29 October:  Called to check, Adobe said order was still on back
     but it should only be a couple of weeks.  
3.  After reading Mike's Post in Framer's Digest #1182, I called Adobe
and checked on 
     my order.  The order was placed "October 29" according to rep. 
Apparently the
     original order was lost and reordered, according to rep.  (BUT how
they re-ordered
     without my credit card #, I'll never know.  BUT all information was
correct.  I 
     suspect somehow they had all the information, but it wasn't until I
called on 29 Oct
     to check on 3-4 week old order that they actually placed the order!
4.  Anyway, they are still "out-of-stock".
5.  Asked to be transferred to their Seattle office.  
6.  On-Hold for about 40 minutes!   ( Thanks for speaker phones and
Adobe at least 
     having decent background music - CLASSICAL music and NOT MUSAK ! ) 
So I was
     able to get some work done.  (However chained to my desk -
7.  Rep finally answered, checked on stock, verified registration #,
placed order.  
8.  Called back to the Las Vegas office, and canceled the original
     Had rep verify order # to make sure it truly was two different 
     databases and that I wasn't canceling the order I just placed with
9.  NOT holding breath for 3 to 5 business days.  

Thanks Mike!


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