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RE: PDF colours disappear


What is your DEFAULT printer?

Our normal network (& therefor default printer) is a
B&W HPLaserJet5.  When I save as a *.ps file then Distill with
that printer as default, I get B&W images.  
I usually just save as PDF, same result.  

Changing the printer to Acrobat Distiller or our HPLJ Colour printer
while in FM with the B&W HPLJ as default still produces B&W images, btw.
 You must set the default printer through the Win 95 (NT as well?) Start
| Control Panel | Printers | Properties window.  

If I set the default printer to Acrobat Distiller, 
then save as *.ps file then distill, I get colour.  
This also works for saving as PDF, saving a step, 
which I actually do most of the time.  

The other option is to set Acobat Distiller as your default printer, 
then just switching to your normal printer for draft / hard copies.  

Caution:  We have a problem in doing this in that after I select our
HPLJ5 in FM,
with Acrobat Distiller as the Win 95 default printer, I then have to go
into the 
properties for the HPLJ5 and switch the paper tray selection to
automatic from manual.)  

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