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Keytop and Windows-symbol fonts


I lost the original message seeking existing fonts for key tops and
functions (T1 or TT...for Windows or Mac), but here is what I found several
years ago. First rate. The owner is very accessible. Good luck.

RoadRunner Computing
PO Box 21635, University Station
Baton Rouge, LA 70894 
Tel 504-928-0780 Fax: 504-928-0802 
Independent private U.S. company. Female owned. Formed in 1983. 
Under $1m annual sales 
CEO Ms. Elizabeth A. Swoope 
Desc RoadRunner Computing is a developer of RRKeyFonts(tm) font software
for PCs
and Macintosh systems. Formed in 1983. This information was confirmed by
telephone on 06-Jan-98. 

Bob Perrey

   Bob Perrey                              R. Travers Press
   rperrey@ix.netcom.com            Writer/Editor/Publisher          
           Sisyphus, too, was happiest between jobs        

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