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Re: copied graphics become grey boxes

Add me to the list of people whom this has almost never bitten.
That includes UN*X, Mac and Win31/95/NT versions, as well as the
somewhat lamented NeXT version....

I admit that I reference most of my graphics, and have a good backup

I've not had any major file maintainance problems, but the I store
the referenced graphics on a central server.

Paul, I would support using PDF as my archive format over FM, if only
because I can for the stability.  Additionally, you can password
protect the files from editing.

At 05:13 PM 10/27/98 -0600, Paul Schulte wrote:
>This round deals with how remarkably unaffected I seem to have been
by this
>broken feature. I've been on Unix (Solaris) FrameMaker for over 5
years at
>Medtronic, and have had very, very few instances where I have had
>occur. (I started on version 3.) And we have had some large Sun
>scans as some of the graphics we've incoroporated into the
>specs I've worked on. It's a very stable feature for me and most of
my Unix
>users. (That doesn't mean problems don't happen; I just don't seem
to get
>Our network is backed up all the time. If I need a file restored, I
get it
>restored. It works for me.
>So I'm reporting a different experience from Jeremy's. And it's hard
>argue about fixing a problem when we have no problem to fix at this
>That's why I reject the advice as being 100% applicable. Don't
assume that
>your advice will fit all situations exactly.

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