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blank pages before right-hand chapter starts


Unfortunately, FrameMaker is not yet smart enough to handle this
automatically. I asked for it back at 3.0.1, and it isn't there yet. (Blank
page before right-hand chapter starts is publishing standard according to U
Chicago Manual of Style, and I agree that a major publishing tool like Frame
should know and address it...but I think the long-standing
footnote-handling/endnote-handling RFE takes a big precedent.) 

Here's my shortcut-happy technique that made this limitation into a 5-minute
pre-print reality check (can't tell you how many little last-minute clean-up
items I find using the hyperlinked TOC to surf a book during final edit and

One chapter to a file, double-sided (automatically forces keep page count
even in a book!), chapters start on right pages, auto-generate TOC file.
Open the final TOC, use hyperlink shortcut for your platform to jump to each
chapter in turn, use keyboard shortcut to go to last page in file, assign
master page None if blank, use shortcut to close file (and hence return to
TOC, repeat ad infinitum but not, at this pace, ad nauseum. No 1000-page
books in my past but lots of 400-pagers that included 60 or 70 chapters.

At one of my past jobs, we made this step every writer's last action before
printing the PostScript file and copying it to a Zip or Syquest cartridge
ready to send to our Docutech print vendor. 

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

P.s. With respect to the Dilbert request about un-double-siding a color job:
(1) if they're that cheap, why are they printing in color!?  (2) suggest
leaning into the professionalism and issue because environmentalism won't do
(3) I endorse the Docutech answer to the duplexing issue: color Docutech is
as double-sided as grey Docutech and Docutech-type technology is the only
answer to the just-in-time printing often chosen to limit costs. There are
Docutech vendors who work remotely if there are none in your area: many
support you sending your PostScript or PDF or source files to their FTP site
and drop-ship proofs and finals. 

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