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Re: bar code images in FM

At 1:25 PM -0400 22/10/98, Hutchings, Christa wrote:
>I just learned that my in-house folks cannot provide me with bar code
>images to pull into my FM docs. Can anyone recommend SW that will do
>this? I understand that there are some font packages that create a bar
>code image from the numbers you type in and that these should import
>into FM just like a regular WMF, etc. Has anyone used these? The need is
>quite urgent!

Here's where some platform information would help.  If you're on a Mac,
there is a product called BarCode Pro that will generate any of several
different barcodes from ISBN to Military inventory codes and everything in
between.  The images can be imported into Frame just like any other image
file.  We've used it for a few years.

I have a font called Code 39, but it only produces the one kind of barcode.
There may be others font based ones available, but some barcodes are
constructed with "first order effects" on neighbouring numbers and these
cannot be made using a font.  They are calculated line patterns that need
all of the numbers as input before being created as images (i.e., you
couldn't just type them no matter what).

There is barcode software for Windows, but I don't know the name of it.

- web

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