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Re: Apply Default Attribute Values

At 07:51 PM 12/16/2005, Scott Prentice wrote:
You're right .. these "default" values that you can define in the EDD, are not as useful as one might hope. They aren't exported to XML and they don't seem to have much purpose. However, the FDK (and I believe the EDD itself) can read the default as a value. So a plugin or structured application may be set up to process all widget elements with the "enabled" attribute set to "on" .. if "on" is the "default", those elements would be processed if the "enabled" attribute has the explicit value of "on" or has no value (<no value>).

It would be nice if there was some read/write rule that allowed you to enable the exporting of "default" values, of some way to make them more real ..

To be fair, the concept of attribute default values did not originate with EDDs, but in SGML. And it was retained in XML. The default value is the value the application uses if none is specified by the user; and that's exactly what FrameMaker does in matching the specification in a context rule to an element with an attribute for which the user hasn't specified a value.

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