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Re: Apply Default Attribute Values

You can define a default value for an attribute, but as far as I know the process of importing an EDD won't change an attribute value from one thing to another. The "default" value is just the value of the attribute if it has no other value applied.

I guess the question is, in the statement .. "set all attributes to default values when the EDD is imported" .. does "default" refer to the FrameMaker concept of default (empty), or do you mean "some actual default value" ?

Unless I'm misunderstanding the original question, I think you'll have to go with the script, Rick.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Spreadbury, David wrote:

I thought you could do this in the EDD, and you can, but it might depend
on the type of attribute. Search the Structure_Dev_Guide for default
attribute. I only got seven hits. Most of the hits are concerned with
the DTD, but there is a comment that keeps popping up "In FrameMaker, a
default attribute value can only be specified in the EDD,..." (on page
242, last line). Then there is a reference to page 176, where there is a
discussion on Default value. The discussion leads me to think graphics,
but in other hits, with the same comment, there is an example of a
labeled list where a default is applied (see page 229 in Translating

So my gut feel is Yes you can define default attributes in the EDD, in
fact it is the only way you can.

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Hello Framers,

I have a client that wants to know if it is possible to "set all
attributes to default values when the EDD is imported". I suspect that
the answer is no, but I am pretty sure that it can be done with a
FrameScript script. However, I don't want to propose a script if it can be done without one.

Thanks in advance.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
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