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Re: Apply Default Attribute Values

Hi Rick -- 

Attribute-based formatting rules in the EDD will respect the "default"
values. If that is why your client wants the default values set, perhaps
there is no problem...?

Steve Homer       steve (at) homertechpubs.com
Technical Documentation Services     Santa Cruz, CA  USA

on 12/16/05 6:47 PM, Rick Quatro wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> I am not looking to change the attribute value from one thing to another.
> Here is the scenario: when you set a default value for attribute in the EDD,
> it will initially show in the structure view as italic. But if you
> double-click on the attribute, the attribute will show as <no value> in the
> Attribute window. And, from what I can tell, when you save the file as XML,
> these default attribute values don't export. You have to explicitly set the
> value in order for them to export. You can tell when an attribute value has
> been set, because they no longer display as italic in the structure view.
> After experimenting, I can use FrameScript to explicitly set these default
> attribute values so that they export to XML.
> But it does make me wonder: why have a "default" value for attributes when
> it doesn't seem to "register" unless you explicitly set it?
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing
> 585-659-8267
> www.frameexpert.com
>> You can define a default value for an attribute, but as far as I know the
>> process of importing an EDD won't change an attribute value from one thing
>> to another. The "default" value is just the value of the attribute if it
>> has no other value applied.
>> I guess the question is, in the statement .. "set all attributes to
>> default values when the EDD is imported" .. does "default" refer to the
>> FrameMaker concept of default (empty), or do you mean "some actual default
>> value" ?
>> Unless I'm misunderstanding the original question, I think you'll have to
>> go with the script, Rick.
>> ...scott
>> Scott Prentice
>> Leximation, Inc.
>> www.leximation.com
>> +1.415.485.1892

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