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RE: Those old book numbering blues


> I am using one autonumber thread to control stuff that needs to flow
> through a book. I just wanted to check that in this case, i.e.
> paragraph number threads not reset between chapters, there is no
> alternative to creating a separate <n=0> paragraph clone for all the
> numbered paragraphs. Anyone know any good tricks?

Set each book component to continue numbering through the book.

Then set your chapter title numbering as follows:

        Chapter\ <$chapnum>< >< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>

The < > placeholder after <$chapnum> is the one you want to continue 
through the book. 
The < =0> resetters are for the numbering you want to restart for each 
chapter, e.g. figure, 
table, equation numbering, etc.  Is this what you want?


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