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ANN: DITA 2006 Conference agenda and presentation overviews now available

Hello all:

The proposals have been reviewed for the DITA 2006 Conference and the agenda
is now online.  Presentation details and presenter bios are available at
http://www.travelthepath.com/conf/presentations12.html .

Conference dates: March 23-25, 2006
Location: Raleigh, NC USA
Fee: Currently $745 for all three conference days
(some discounts available, including discounts for IBM employees)

We have a great variety of presentations scheduled.  Tracks include basics,
specialization, maps, case studies, and more.  More than a few presentations
cover publishing, structured authoring tools (Arbortext, XMetaL, FrameMaker,
...), and CMS issues.  If you are interested in DITA, please do check out
this conference.

Keynote and special presentations by David Schell, Susan Carpenter, and
Michael Priestley of IBM.

- Arbortext/PTC
- SiberLogic

... Sponsors will exhibit alongside XyEnterprise, Vasont, and several other
DITA-supporting vendors.

Additionally, MARCH 22nd there is an optional "Introduction to DITA" -- a
FULL DAY WORKSHOP instructed by Michael Priestley.  This is available only
to conference attendees, at a rate of $40/person for the day.  Register
online now for the conference and this DITA workshop:
http://www.travelthepath.com/confreg.html .

Thank you,


Kay Ethier
Bright Path Solutions (conference producers)
PO Box 14265
Research Triangle Park NC 27709-4265
PHONE: 1.919.244.8559

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