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Printers on Windows XP

I'm curious if anybody has run into a problem with producing printed and PDF documents that I have recently on Windows XP with Frame 7.0... We had a hardware device that acted as a print server. Recently that device "died", so the IT department replaced it with a computer print server. When they did that however, it changed our printer drivers that were being used. Our HP printer driver that we now have no longer has the option of printing color (not that the printer actually printed color, but it was nice to be able to use it to produce our PostScript file). The new driver doesn't offer that option, so we had to switch over to the AdobePDF driver. This prints in color, but also causes some pagination issues (we have odd page breaks now that we didn't have before).

I'm trying to find a magic bullet like we use to have where we could use the same print driver for everything. Our IT department has been somewhat useful but ultimately they haven't found a good solution for us -- they are all contractors and while they try to be helpful, they can't always find the software or drivers from the previous IT folks. 

Has anybody else run into this problem? Is there a solution?


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