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RE: IrfanView Graphics Tool functionality

To set Image Display mode: 
     Select View> Display Options> <take your pick>

To set Image Display order: 
      Select Options> Sort Directory Files> <take your pick>

To move back and forth in the folder: 
     FORWARD: SpaceBar, Right_Arrow or Page_Down keys, or roll
mousewheel towards you
     BACK: Backspace, Left_Arrow or Page_Up keys, or roll mousewheel
away from you

To view information on a graphic: 
     BASIC: Dimensions, Color Depth, List Order, Compressed/uncompressed
size, date/time are displayed in status bar at bottom. Changes as images
     EXPANDED: Click Information button (Circle i) in toolbar to open a
dialog.  Does not change with image change.

Be sure to get the IrfanView Plugins accessory:
It adds a lot of functionality.

-----Original Message-----
From:  Rene S.
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 6:35 AM
To: Grant Hogarth; framers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; framers@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: OT: RE: Graphics Tool functionality

Maybe I missed something with Irfanview. I found a way to print a sheet
of thumbnails (which ACDSee also does), but I couldn't find a way to
just browse through all the images in a given folder with a full-size or
auto-fit display of the graphic in a pane of Irfanview. ACDSee (at least
versions 5 and later) does this in a way that allows you to have
displayed in one pane all the file properties for all the images in a
folder, and then as you select a file in that list, it displays the
graphic in a pane of the same window. You aren't limited to
viewing/printing thumbnails. I've been looking for any other program
that has the browse capabilities, but I haven't found one yet... unless
I'm missing something...?  Not trashing Irfan, just trying to understand
the features. Please do enlighten me.


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